I am Jonathan Raffre, aka "nekonyuu", a Systems & Networks IT Architect based in France. I currently work for Xebia as an Infrastructure Consultant specialized in Cloud & Virtualization.

My full CV (in French) can be found here.


  • C++ (retired MaNGoS contributor)
  • C (kernel, embedded systems and 3D)
  • Python (mainly for sysadmin tasks like log parsing, ETLs...)
  • Basic Web Development knowledge (REST APIs, Django, Bottle, Flask...)


  • Linux Expert, Advanced *BSD knowledge
  • Virtualization & Cloud platforms : OpenStack, VMware vSphere, Proxmox VE2, KVM/XEN, OpenVZ/LXC, LibVirt
  • Applications servers : NGinX/Apache2 + PHP/Passenger/WSGI, Tomcat
  • High Availability clusters : HAProxy, Keepalived/LVS, Corosync
  • DBMS : MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 10g
  • Identity Management : FreeIPA, OpenLDAP, EJBCA
  • Backup : Bacula
  • Configuration Management : Puppet, Ansible, CFEngine
  • IPv6, VPN (OpenVPN, IPSec), Route distribution (OSPF/EIGRP, BGP)


  • Bombersow Project : video game done as a end of cursus project in 2nd year of Bachelor Degree

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